Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fate Standalone Project Update

It's been about a year since I first announced project Fate. Surprisingly, I'm still getting inquiries about the current status of the project from numerous people (which by the way thank you so much for your interest and support), so I will try to provide some clarification.

Long story short, the project is currently suspended for the following reasons:

  1. Both the project leaders, myself and Squally are fairly busy with our jobs.
  2. We don't have enough members. (Especially designers)
  3. We'd like to get the current Fate / Another III completely out of the way before proceeding with Fate project
The last bit is especially important for us. We're currently working on Fate / Another to utilize it as an example case for Fate project. In other words, by implementing features in Fate / Another, we can determine in advance how public reacts to the game. Without this anecdote, we'd have to perform a lot of experimentation as the project progresses, potentially consuming a lot of time and degrading members' morale.

We are not entirely sure when exactly we will continue with the project. One thing I do want to emphasize is that making a standalone platform at the scale of Fate / Another is no trivial task. When I initially mentioned 3 years, I realized I was being exceedingly optimistic about the estimation. Realistically speaking, we are looking at 5 years minimum. Even this estimation is under the assumption that we have a designer by the time we begin.

At any rate, we are still accepting members for our team (Again, especially designers) so if you are interested, please read this post first and send us your applications! Thank you very much.


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