Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eric Lippert is leaving Microsoft

Nothing like a fine morning with a cup of coffee and reading news articles and blogs to start off the day, which is practically forged inside my brain as a routine.

I turn on my Google Reader and bam, suddenly I felt like I got hit on the head by a hammer.

I nearly spew my coffee out my mouth when I saw Eric Lippert, a principal developer of C# compiler is leaving Microsoft. I'm sure many enthusiastic C# programmers have already seen the news:

It's pretty surprising how reading a single sentence can make a person s$!t bricks.

Eric Lippert is one of my heroes and a role model for various reasons. His seemingly endless knowledge about the C# language and compiler design is what captivated my interest on him (no homo) in the first place. To list a few posts written by him in his own blog and on Stack Overflow:

Reading each and every one of his posts constantly remind me that geniuses truly do exist in the world and how I basically know nothing when compared to the likes of Eric Lippert.

But what truly enraptured me about Eric Lippert (again, no homo) is the fact that you could make a topic that's generally perceived as dull, nerdy and/or boring then turn it into something very interesting for others to hear - His communication ability is just absolutely fantastic. 

It's really heartbreaking for me to see him leave Microsoft, but I'm also relieved to know that he will still be a part of C# community.

I wish Eric Lippert the best of luck on his new journey and I will continue to support him.

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