Thursday, August 9, 2012

Project Fate Recruitment (English)

Aimed team size: 5 minimum, 10 maximum

Project Fate Development Team members recruitment post

Abstract: Create Fate / Another into a standalone game
Project launch date: January 2013
Expected length of development: 2 to 3 years
Current Team Members: l46kok, Squally, Hecatic, Hyeon

We are now recruiting team members to develop Fate / Another into a standalone game.

We are in a great need of people who are interested in game development, loves fate and above all, have a burning desire to make this project into a reality.

Fate / Another is a game that has limitless potential to make it into a big name. Let us make it happen with our hands!

How to Apply:

      Send me a mail ( with your name, account name (If you are a member of Clan UFW), a short statement of why you want to join our team with a portfolio attached.
  • For Game Designer, 2D/3D artist, please attach a portfolio of related works. (If applicable, please include a released title that has your works in)
  • For Programming related, please attach a source code or a program/website which demonstrates your ability of the related field.
The requirements listed below are to be served as simple guidelines. We don't actually require, nor expect you to fulfill what we have listed completely. If you have a strong passion of acquiring the mentioned skills while working with us, please do not be hesitated to apply.

Finally, I'd like to make it clear that we cannot compensate you (financially speaking) while you work for us. If possible, we can help you develop the necessary skills (or buy you a dinner if you live in the area :D). So I'd like to make it clear that applicant should have a burning passion to make this project happen.

Project Leaders - l46kok, Squally

Game Designer (2) -
Description: Creative design and technical implementation of encounter based content and play balance.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    (Able to document literally everything the team asks for)
  • Strong knowledge of game balancing and pacing
  • Experience in managing and leading a team
  • Years of game design experience

Game Engine Programmer (2~3) -
Description: Core engine development for the project Fate.
  • A strong background in C++/C#
  • A solid grasp on and experience with 3D Math (Vectors, Linear Algebra)
  • Experience with writing efficient core engine code (DirectX, OpenGL. No third-party APIs)

Game Programmer (2~3) - Description: Main development of the game using the core engine.
  • Develop back-end functionality to support front-end features
  • A strong background in C++/C#
  • Experience in working with Engine APIs preferred (Unity 3D, UE, etc)

Gameplay Interfaces/UI Widget Designer (2) -
Description: Crafting an effective, elegant user interface. UI will contain a mixture of in world rendering effects along with traditional UI elements.

  • Experience in developing or maintaining a UI Framework
  • A strong background in C++/C#
  • Experience with MFC/.NET Framework (Windows Forms, WPF) preferred

Network Programmer [Client/Server] (2) -
Description: Develop a client/server that focuses on network communication, player interaction across server boundaries, security countermeasures and maintanence.
  • Networking experience in TCP / IP and UDP protocols
  • A strong background in C++/C#
  • Experience with threading, code optimization (Being able to solve crashes, deadlocks, stack overflows, and heap corruption is a MUST)
  • Experience with Unix/Linux (Server-Oriented Distros) or Windows Server
  • Experience in working with at least one DB (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) preferred

Web Programmer/Designer (2) -
Description: Develop innovative website and reusable webtools for the project.
  • A strong background in HTML 5/XHTML and CSS
  • A strong background in at least one web programming/scripting language, including PHP, ASP.NET or JSP
  • A strong background in client-side development techniques, including AJAX, Javascript
  • Experience in working with at least one DB (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server) preferred

Multimedia and Sound Composition/Designer (1) -
Description: Compose and produce game music, creating sound effects
  • A strong background for composing and creating game music of many different musical styles and moods
  • Experience in creating sophisticated game sound effects
  • Experience with sound and voice recording and mixing
  • Experience with using audio workstation / midi sequencer software (Logic Pro, Creative Software Acid, FL Studio)

Risk Systems (Data Architect) / Test Engineering (1) -
Description: Ensure game integrity and develop test automation architecture
  • Experience in designing an all-encompassing security and fraud infrastructure
  • A strong background in C++
  • Experience with networking, cryptography, PKI, authentication systems, and logging infrastructure
  • Extensive knowledge in Windows / Linux

Database Developer / Administrator (1) -
Description: Develop and administer a database for the project
  • A strong background in working with a DBMS, including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Extensive knowledge in Windows Server (SQL Server) and/or Linux (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Experience in creating complex analytic queries on large datasets
  • Experience in CLR(C#) is preferred

2D Game Concept Artist, Character/Environment Illustrator (1) -
Description: Utilize 2D production techniques to contribute anything from concept mock-ups to finished production-ready art for use in game.
  • Strong 2D painting skills
  • A strong background in using Photoshop and/or Illustrator
  • Experience working with a broad range of subjects and styles from realistically detailed to stylized
  • Extensive knowledge of architecture, character and environment design.

3D Character and Environment Artist/Animator (2~4) -
Description: Utilize 3D production techniques to design characters with animations and a creative, energetic environment for use in game.
  • A strong background in using Maya,3DSMax (or equivalent 3D programs).
  • Experience developing a unique and cohesive modeling and texture style for environments.
  • Extensive knowledge of form, shape, structure and silhouette in regards to modeling.
  • Superior eye for light, share, color, and detail in creating texture maps.

Note: Requirements are merely served as guidelines.


Jan 2013~August 2013 - Complete prototype of game engine
August 2013~


  1. Best of luck with this grand but tough project!

  2. I've been super excited for this project from the day it was announced. Is it still alive? There's been no updates regarding this project so I'm kinda worried it never even started. If you could give some kind of update it would be much appreciated.

  3. Can i join ? email me...