Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple Plan - Your Love is A Lie

One of my favorite songs from Simple Plan.

A very good representation of how I feel.

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  1. hi kok
    This is CharismaPeon.
    u've already talked me about commenting clan issue, but i gotta tell u this.
    Laruku is stealing my slots, and I don't want him to take my slot in everygame. This happenes everytime if he is in the game(almost 5). He has kicked me on purpose because he doesn't like me. I already argued this with Eternaldevote and Josph, but they didn't do anything and ignored me.
    Sorry about commenting this issue in here, but I couldn't contact you.
    I hope you can solve this problem.

  2. Please leave comment here or you can leave me message in wc3

  3. Peon for the last fucking time, don't bring Clan issues into the blog. PM me on the forum if anything.