Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Logitech Speakers

Often, when I'm picking or suggesting certain computer peripherals, I encounter many troubles mostly because unlike CPUs (Intel, AMD) and video cards (ATI, NVidia), there are at least hundreds of manufacturers producing the peripherals, mainly keyboards, mouse and speakers and even with good feedbacks, these peripherals are notorious for breaking down in few years when you don't even mess around with them much. 

When it comes to speakers however, I always pick Logitech. Reason? Their speakers never die. Well, that's an overstatement but I've bought my set of speakers back in 2001 and it has lasted even up until now. Considering the pace of technology advancement in today's society, that is really impressive. Just today, my left speaker started to die out ever so slightly (even now, there are no major problems) and I thought it's really about time for me to purchase another set of speakers. Of course, from Logitech.

Logitech Z-340. I've spent nearly half of my lifetime with these babies.

Again, when it comes to speakers, I always recommend Logitech without hesitation. Unlike many other computer parts, speakers are a long time investment, so I'm also not afraid to spend couple of hundred dollars on them. 

I've never used Logitech Keyboard, so I can't make any comments on it, but Logitech mouse, I've had few problems with it before. They aren't bad, but I also think there are much  better options. Microsoft makes amazing mouse at cheap cost, they last surprisingly a long time and have excellent warranty on them. I'm currently using Razor Diamondback mouse, and am quite satisfied with it so far but I only bought it last year so I'll have to see how long this mouse will last me.

tl;dr: Buy Logitech Speakers n00b.