Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Schedule

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I feel like a f$%king kindergardener coming up

with a schedule at my age and at this point of the semester

but I feel like I need to have a concise schedule,

if I want to spend this semester as productive as possible.

In all cases where I made a schedule like this, I've never actually

stuck with the commitment I made,

but today I make one of my lifetime goals here, and that is to stay committed.

(Ignore the SC2 stuff, I'm just a hardcore SC2 player who has a calendar off that too)


1)Laddering on days without a scheduled private lesson

2)Using free-blocks as a mean of study time if necessary. Office hours/research times are used for writing thesis.

3)Studying JLPT/Hanja on Saturday and Sunday for one hour each respectively.

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