Monday, March 28, 2011

Battlecruiser Operational

Very well made!



Korean Allstars

ID ↓Team ↓
South Korea Zicon small.png JulyStartale
South Korea Zicon small.png NesTeaIM
South Korea Ticon small.png MvpIM
South Korea Ticon small.png MarineKingPrime
South Korea Ticon small.png NaDaoGs
South Korea Picon small.png MCoGs
South Korea Picon small.png sanHoSeo
South Korea Picon small.png anyproPrime

World Allstars

ID ↓Team ↓
Australia Zicon small.png mOOnGLaDeFXO
Sweden Zicon small.png MorroWMouz
Taiwan Zicon small.png SenFnatic
Ukraine Zicon small.png DimagamTw
Sweden Ticon small.png JinroLiquid
Canada Picon small.png HuKLiquid
Canada Picon small.png TT1Fnatic
Ukraine Picon small.png White-RaDuckload Gaming

All the players from Korea side are literally "Nuke-Level" class players, as the Korean commentators have mentioned.

This will practically be slaughter by Koreans. My anticipation is somewhere around 8-2 to 8-3 for the final score.

For more information regarding the championship, refer to this link.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Economist's Thought 1 - Key Currency

First of all, I wish that all who are affected from the Earthquake in Japan - whether directly or indirectly are safe. May our prayers reach those who are in pain and are in need.

I've been asked several times about my personal thoughts about China and their potency of being the next superpower, so I decided to write up an article about it on the blog. It is undoubtedly true that China presents the most-promising all round profile of a potential superpower, compared to other nations. Analysis behind this potency is highly convoluted and requires a great understanding about how the superpowers are formed. In this article, I plan to analyze one of the most dominating factors for superpower as a mean of making an intelligence guess behind if China will truly become the next supwerpower.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Life is too short, 

so kiss slowly,

 laugh insanely, 

love truly 

and forgive quickly.


Eat chicken

It was so good!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Schedule

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I feel like a f$%king kindergardener coming up

with a schedule at my age and at this point of the semester

but I feel like I need to have a concise schedule,

if I want to spend this semester as productive as possible.

In all cases where I made a schedule like this, I've never actually

stuck with the commitment I made,

but today I make one of my lifetime goals here, and that is to stay committed.

(Ignore the SC2 stuff, I'm just a hardcore SC2 player who has a calendar off that too)


1)Laddering on days without a scheduled private lesson

2)Using free-blocks as a mean of study time if necessary. Office hours/research times are used for writing thesis.

3)Studying JLPT/Hanja on Saturday and Sunday for one hour each respectively.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.3.0 - l46kok's anticipated metagame changes from balance Part 1

Khassar'De Where's My Amulet B$!%H?

With the new patch en'route, there will be significant changes in the gameplay of Starcraft 2. For the good or bad, all races are getting their buffs and nerfs, probably except for Terran good, they finally get their punishment for playing that sorry ass race. In this post, I will do an analysis and give a personal input on my expectation of how the metagame will vary once the patch is out, so expect a lot of subjectivitiy in the post and I am always open for questions and criticisms, so always ask if you have something in mind.

This will also be a very long discussion so I will divide it into two parts