Sunday, February 13, 2011

Windows Live Messenger 2011

I've been a long-time user of MSN Messenger (Renamed as Windows Live Messenger ever since 2009). Generally, Microsoft did an excellent job at designing the program to my likings - it suits the needs of basic users + power users like myself.

However, after my horrendous experience of using the Windows Live Messenger 2011, I decided to downgrade it to Windows Live 2009 today and due to the atrocities of Microsoft not realizing what the users actually need on the upgraded version, I decided to take my time and write up few good reasons behind WHY YOU SHOULD NOT UPGRADE IT TO THE LATEST VERSION YET.

1)Broken & Purposeless Tabs (For Windows 7)

One of the pros for upgrading the messenger to WLM 2011 is that there are now tabs for the opened chat windows. However, often many users (definitely including myself) encountered a bug where they tried to switch to a different chat window by clicking on it and nothing would happen. You would have to restart the program every time this bug has happened.

This is only applicable in Windows 7, but the idea of having tabs in a program may seem like a cool idea at first, just like how the browser tabs in recent versions of internet browser have made our lives much easier. However, it just adds more unnecessary clicking to open the chat window. Unless if you plan to talk to over 10 people simultaneously, the idea of having to first click on the program icon on the toolbar, bring up the chat window and then click on the tab to open the chat window seems dull and adds onto unnecessary clicking. Even with the previous version, at least on Windows 7 you can just click on the program icon once and have an immediate glance on which chat windows are open but on this new version, that is no longer a possibility. This option however, may turn out to be an advantage on operating systems other than Windows 7 but then, I sincerely wish that they would've added an option to revert back to the old style of chat windows.


With social network + video site integration to the WLM 2011, came with additional bugs. First of all, youtube sharing is BUGGED. Half the time, it doesn't work and you are better off just posting the URL and then have the user just open up a browser when you want to share a video.

Second of all, your personal status option is BUGGED ALSO. For instance, even if you turn on the option to "Set status as away when inactive for 5 minutes", it would not WORK. Or the other way around, if you force set your status as away, it would turn your status back to online later on! (This never occurred in any of the previous versions of WLM)

Third, and this goes back to the social network integration thingy, but you are supposed to be able to chat to your facebook friends as well on your WLM 2011. Guess what? IT IS BUGGED ALSO. On top of that, it's also supposed to update any updates that happens on facebook (such as someone posting on your wall), but guess what? It's actually not bugged but the frequency of how it gets updated is so delayed, it leads you to think that something is bugged so you might as well as call it so.

3)No more custom names

My biggest personal complaint for the new version. Some people, like to separate their social life with virtual life if for instance, you have a lot of online friends and the moment you update your WLM to 2011, you can no longer tell who is who, if they set a different name than their actual name in real life because WLM 2011 DISPLAYS YOUR REAL NAME BY DEFAULT INCLUDING YOUR FRIEND'S, AND YOU HAVE NO WAY OF CHANGING THIS. The only way to figure out who is who then, is to look at their e-mail and even then, I had a problem figuring out a lot of my friends on my messenger because nobody actually bothers to remember the e-mail of which they added their friends by.

Microsoft, f@($!%& separate social life with virtual life. Not EVERYBODY likes to set their real name on their messengers.


Even in the previous versions, there were slight amount of advertisement but in the new version, Microsoft went too far. The advertisement got extremely aggressive that you could not possibly use the program without seeing at least a dozen of different advertisements. Problem is, you do not have the option to turn this off by default.

5)GUI became more dull and interface became more un-user-friendly

It is much harder to navigate through the menus to perform certain actions such as searching for a contact, blocking users, distinguishing between friends from social network and live messenger (Yes, they did not even consider to make a separate menu for that so I was often confused when I wanted to open up a new window), nudging is now gone but hey guess what! They added more smileys :D (You can shove that smiley up Microsoft's a$! btw)


Not worth the upgrade. Good news is, the upgrade from ver 2009 to 2011 is not yet a requirement but if it ever becomes mandatory and if the problems listed above has not been fixed, well then I may have to switch my messenger from MSN to Yahoo.........


There have also been reports regarding WLM 2011 randomly crashing on certain operating systems.


  1. You forgot to include that for some operating systems the program just crashes for some unknown reason and no longer works hehehehe, but yea, keep 2009 is the best choice.

  2. Oh really!? I didn't know about that lol at least that wasn't a problem. I'll post that as an addendum. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. You also forgot that the Messenger doesn't close to the bottem right unless you run it in Windows Xp compatibility and in Admin mode which makes another thing pop up that asks if you want to allow the program to run...