Friday, June 25, 2010

Republic of Korea VS URGAY

The time of test is at hand-

Republic of Korea faces URGAY..

er excuse me, Uruguay tomorrow

(8:00AM where I live).

So far, my prediction has been dead right

about Group B.

I guessed Greece game to be 2-0

Argentina 0-2, but ended up losing 1-4

Nigeria either 1-0 or 1-1 tie, ended up tieing at 2-2

So we advanced as a runner-up of the group.

My prediction on the game against URGAY? er, Uruguay?

We lose 0-2


I know how both teams play, we don't stand a chance

against URGAY er, Uruguay.

But nothing is certain. Hence, unlike argentina where

I gave a 5/95 chance (5 being in favor of Korea)

I'd say this is a 25/75 game. So you never know,

we may tie the game then win from PK shootout.

If we DO win, we have a very good chance at the semi-finals

as we will be playing against either Ghana or US. :D

I hope to see Republic of Korea

rewrite the definition of soccer tomorrow ^^

I'll be rooting (or cussing massively :P)

I am not the person to be near when I'm watching soccer

I broke my headset during the game against Nigerians

because of the abrupt PK

(I threw it on the desk pretty damn hard it seems like.

I broke it in two pieces D:)

Either way,

This will be a good way to relieve stress ^^



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