Thursday, May 27, 2010


Due to a request done by one of my shamans in my clan (Props to frankiethefly :D), I did my very first shoutcast on a map of Fate/Another.

Quality of the shoutcast? Disastrous. At least all the viewers enjoyed the shoutcast for a lot of humorous values and game insight given by me, so I'd say it at least was not a failure.

For first 4-5 minutes of the stream, I had some technical difficulties so the actual shoutcast does not begin until then. Do note that I'm speaking to the audience directly who are watching the shoutcast.

from 5-10 minutes of stream, my shoutcast sucked ass. I stumbled on a lot of words and then said some unnecessary shit. After, that it gets bearable and then I lose focus again after 60 minutes. Shoutcasting for 75 minutes is no easy task.

Even though I lived here for long, I still have some intonation issues and a noticeable accent :/ and especially my tendency to repeat/stumble on words.

And holy shit, do I have to quit saying Uh, Eh, types of pause words.

It looks like everyone could understand what I was saying so there wasn't any technical communication error.

Next time, I'll practice before actually giving a shoutcast. Maybe this is a good opportunity to fix my speech pattern once and for all.

clanufw2 on Broadcast Live Free


TA : True Assassin. Black servant with white mask on.
FA : False Assassin. A servant with the origins of a samurai.

DS : Dark Saber. Tainted version of Saber (Not Nintendo DS..)
UBW : Unlimited Blade Works. Archer's Reality Marble (Ultimate) Spell.
Nine(Nine Lives) : Berserker's ultimate.
RB : Rule Breaker. Caster's dagger which amplifies all magical damage intaken by 2 times for a short duration if stabbed by it.
Bell(Bellerophon) : Rider's ultimate.

(Note : I am using a pronoun of "He/His" for all servants, even for female servants like caster, rider and saber because I am referring to the players using the servants, not the servants themselves.)

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