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I talk to my advisor today..
I find out what my schedule will be like next semester...



Monday, March 22, 2010

Ask a Korean!

Today, I came across a blog, written by a very outstanding intellectual (much more than myself) who refers to himself as "The Korean". He understands just about every single aspects to what it means to be a Korean and what the country, "Korea" is all about.

As such, this blog talks about VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING about Korea. Here are some particular ones I enjoyed very much about reading:

  • Why is Starcraft so popular in Korea?

    Being a hard core player of Starcraft ever since 1998, I already knew the answer to this but "The Korean" covers more in depth and gives many examples to why this has been the case. He even makes a connection to the board game "go" - which is something I had not even considered of.
  • Why do Koreans hate Japanese?

    Republic of Korea, one of the most racist countries in the world, has a keen tendency to hate everything about Japan more than any other countries in the world. This is an extremely controversial topic in Korea so if you ever plan to live in Korea, I'd say this is a must read.
  • How do I attract a Korean men?

    HAHAHA.. This one was the funniest one to read because it's very true and the facts listed there certainly does not exclude myself.

    But on a serious note, some of the remarks made me think deeply such as this one:

    "1. Remember that majority of Koreans are racists. That means that they despise people whose skins are darker than them. Southeastern Asians are darker than Koreans. You do the math. It's safe to say that in many cases, your relationship will not be based on respect.

    Even if your guy is not racist, his parents, relatives, and friends are going to be racist. That makes a long-term relationship or marriage extremely difficult. At some point, your guy will be forced to choose between you and everyone else he knows. Guess which one he is more likely to choose?"

  • Why do Koreans want to get married so early?

    This one was just an interesting reading for me because it's actually the opposite in my case. Neither myself or my parents want to see me get married anytime before I finish my school (Which will be at least by late 20s, because I still have a military duty to complete). I just wanted to get a feel of "contemporary" reason on why this was the case for rest of the Koreans but not me.
  • Healthcare System in Korea?

    I talk shit about Korea all the time. Believe me, I do - There are MANY aspects to which makes our country a very shitty place to live in but there is ONE thing I highly praise our government for and its the healthcare system of Korea. I've already talked about how shitty American healthcare system is and lightly touched on the healthcare system in Korea but never talked about it in details. Here's your answer.
  • America, the least racist countries of the world

    And finally, the most important read of the day and what surprised me the most about "The Korean's" wisdom and insight. This is a must read to any other ethnicities. Some of the points he makes are ad hominem and to some degree - a post-diction but nonetheless, most of what he speaks of are entirely true.
To close up, I'd like to answer one of the questions I was asked many times - just in many different forms. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH KOREA?". Here is a very satisfying answer I finally found:

"Korea is a unique place; no other country in the world brought itself out of utter poverty to a leading economic power within a few decades while surviving two devastating wars under two different countries' occupation. Many things about Korea require a radically different mindset from any other country’s mindset to understand properly – which is really what being exposed to a different culture is all about. Often, many people fail to get into that mindset, and instead wonder why Korea/Koreans are so "irrational" or "stupid". (Again, remember -- if the only explanation you can think of to explain a group of people's actions is "stupidity", you are the one who is stupid, not them.)"

Saturday, March 20, 2010


법정(박재철) 스님, 1932년 10월 8일-2010년 3월 11일
Monk BeopJung (Jae-Chul Park),
December 8th, 1932 - March 11th, 2010

믿지 않는다 하여
자신의 자식이라 하는 인간들을
지옥불에 던져버리는 당신네들의 신들을
난 당최 이해 할수가 없다.

차라리 난 지옥에 가서
당신네 신에게 버림받은
그 억울한 영혼들을

난 종교가 없다.

솔직히 말하자면 대부분의 종교를 무진장 싫어한다.

그런 내가 유일하게 존경했던 종교인이 바로 이 사람이다.

만약 세상에 정말로 천국과 지옥이 있었다면,

이 분은 두번 생각도 안 하고 지옥에 갈 것이다.

예수를 믿지 않아, 지옥에 간 중생들을 구원하기 위해서라도 말이다.

이것이 바로 종교라고 생각한다.

우리가 지금 이 순간 전 존재를 기울여
누군가를 사랑하고 있다면
이 다음에는 더욱 많은 이웃을 사랑할 수 있다.
다음 순간은 지금 이 순간에 태어나기 때문이다.

I cannot understand your gods at all
for they throw humans into the fires of hell
who are supposed to be their sons and daughters
Just because they did not believe.

I would rather go to hell
and save the victimized souls
who have been forsaken by your gods.

I'm an atheist.

To be honest, I dislike most of the religions in this world.

But there's one practitioner of religion whom I respect greatly and its this person.

If heaven and hell truly existed,

This man will choose to go to hell without even thinking twice.

To save his sattvas, (companions) for not believing in Jesus.

This here, is what I think to be a true religion.

If you love someone to the
best of your ability on this very moment,
you will be able to love more neighbors
in the next moment.
Because that next moment is born from this moment.

Friday, March 19, 2010



Almost made me puke.

Friday, March 12, 2010

전 경북대 총장 박찬석씨의 말씀입니다.

정말로 오랜만에 가슴에 닫는 이야기를 들었습니다.

저는 나중에 나이들어서 부모가 된다면, 이런 부모가 되고 싶습니다.

지금도 비교적 가난한 곳이다.

그러나 아버지는 가정형편도 안되고

머리도 안되는 나를 대구로 유학을 보냈다.

대구중학을 다녔는데 공부가 하기 싫었다.

1학년 8반, 석차는 68/68, 꼴찌를 했다.

부끄러운 성적표를 가지고 고향에 가는 어린 마음에도

그 성적을 내밀 자신이 없었다.

당신이 교육을 받지 못한 한을 자식을 통해 풀고자 했는데,


끼니를 제대로 잇지 못하는 소작농을 하면서도

아들을 중학교에 보낼 생각을 한 아버지를 떠올리면

그냥 있을 수가 없었다.

그래서 잉크로 기록된 성적표를

1/68로 고쳐 아버지께 보여드렸다.

아버지는 보통학교도 다니지 않았으므로

내가 1등으로 고친 성적표를 알아차리지 못할 것으로 생각했다.

대구로 유학한 아들이 집으로 왔으니

친지들이 몰려와 "찬석이는 공부를 잘 했더냐"고 물었다.


"앞으로 봐야제.. 이번에는 어쩌다 1등을 했는가 배.."했다.

"명순(아버지)이는 자식 하나는 잘 뒀어.

1등을 했으면 책거리를 해야제" 했다.

당시 우리집은 동네에서 가장 가난한 살림이었다.

이튿날 강에서 멱을 감고 돌아오니,

아버지는 한 마리뿐인 돼지를 잡아

동네 사람들을 모아 놓고 잔치를 하고 있었다.

그 돼지는 우리집 재산목록 1호였다.

기가 막힌 일이 벌어진 것이다.

"아부지..." 하고 불렀지만 다음 말을 할 수가 없었다.

그리고 달려 나갔다.

그 뒤로 나를 부르는 소리가 들렸다.

겁이 난 나는

강으로 가 죽어버리고 싶은 마음에

물속에서 숨을 안 쉬고 버티기도 했고,

주먹으로 내 머리를 내리치기도 했다.

충격적인 그 사건 이후 나는 달라졌다.

항상 그 일이 머리에 맴돌고 있었기 때문이다.

그로부터 17년 후 나는 대학교수가 되었다.

그리고 나의 아들이 중학교에 입학했을 때,

그러니까 내 나이 45세가 되던 어느 날,

부모님 앞에 33년 전의 일을 사과하기 위해

"어무이.., 저 중학교 1학년 때 1등은 요..." 하고

말을 시작하려고 하는데..

옆에서 담배를 피우시던 아버지께서

" 알고 있었다. 그만 해라.

민우(손자)가 듣는다." 고 하셨다.

자식의 위조한 성적을 알고도,

재산목록 1호인 돼지를 잡아 잔치를 하신 부모님 마음을,

박사이고 교수이고 대학 총장인 나는,

아직도 감히 알 수가 없다.

This is a story told by Chansuk Park,

the ex-president of Kyongbuk University.

I haven't heard a story this touching for the longest time,

so I took my time to translate it.

If I ever become a parent,

this is the kind of a parent I want to become.

We used to live in a very poor neighborhood.

Even though we didn't have the money,

My father sent me to Daegu (City in Korea) so I could receive a better education.

I went to Daegu Middle School, and I hated studying.

Class 1-8. Student Ranking 68/68. I placed dead last.

Having the report card in hand and heading back home to the country side,

I had no confidence to show it to my father.

I wanted to resolve your resentment about not receiving an education

by doing good in school,

but dead last....

Just thinking about my father, who sent his son to school

even though he has nothing to eat for himself

since he supported me with the little he got from farming,

I couldn't bear the thought of guilt.

So I took the report card that was written in ink

and changed my class ranking to 1/68.

My father didn't go to school at all

So I believed that he wouldn't be able to figure it out.

As the son who came back from Deagu returned,

Close friends of father's came around and asked "Did Chansuk do well in school?"

My father replies,

"Well we have to see how he does.. but it seems like he somehow placed first in class ranking"

"Myongsoon (Name of father) has a really good son.

We must celebrate if his son placed first in ranking"

Back then, we were the poorest amongst the neighborhood.

Two days later, after washing myself up from the river,

My father butchered the only pig we have

and then called many people around in the neighborhood and held a party.

That pig was considered as our number one wealth.

An unbelievable situation has occurred.

"Father..." I called out, but I couldn't continue.

and then I ran out.

Behind me, I could hear people calling me.

Being terrified,

and wanting to kill myself in the river,

I tried to hold my breath inside the water for a long time

and I also hit my head very hard with my fist.

What's really shocking is that I changed after that incident.

Because that situation always lingered inside my head.

17 years later, I became a professor at a university.

And when my son just entered the middle school,

which I was 45 years old by then,

I went to my parents to apologize for the incident that occurred 33 years ago.

"Father.. and Mother.. about my class ranking back when I was in middle school...."

I was about to explain what happened and then my father, sitting right by her had interrupted me-

"We already knew about it.

You don't have to say anything.

Minwoo (Grandson) might hear you."

Knowing about the forged report card,

and still holding a large party with our most treasured pig,

Even as a doctor, a professor and the head of a university-

I could not even dare to understand my parents' minds.

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한글 자막도 있으니 계속 보시길

Pro Goal

멋진 골 장면

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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