Monday, February 1, 2010


Here's a very interesting question I came across today that's a bit tricky:

When a person dies, you meet an angel and a devil in the same place

And then you get to make one wish.

The problem is, the angel grants the wish as you request it,

while the devil grants the opposite of the wish.

Now, if you were to make a wish here,

What wish would you have to make to go to Heaven?

오늘 꽤 재미있고 재치있는 질문을 받아,

여기에 한번 써 보겠다.

사람이 죽으면 악마와 천사를 같은장소에서

천사와악마를 같이 만나게돼는데...

그 두 천사와악마에게 소원을 빌어야돼요..

그런데 문제는 천사는 소원을 그대로 들어주고

악마는 그반대로 들어줘요

그런데 이둘이 같이있는곳에서 한가지소원을 빌어서

천국을 갈수있는방법이 무엇일까요?


  1. The word opposite is tricky.
    Live in hell -> Live in heaven: You come back alive because it can be like living in heaven or hell depending on the person thus you can choose to go to heaven.

    Live in hell -> die in heaven: You are already dead thus you go to heaven…

    The word opposite is tricky…

    Bring me to the place you like the most -> bring me to the place you hate the most
    This output is heaven (general speaking)

    In the other hand, would you like to eat a pizza that ………

    Hahahahaha, lol, jk.

  2. What, you think about this too difficultly.

    It's a one sentence answer.