Sunday, April 26, 2009

Google Chrome

ve already written a post about how great Google Chrome is on my Clan Forum, but I'll write it here again for those who are not in the forum.

If you use IE or Firefox, drop it right now. I started using Google Chrome today and all I can say about it is it WTFPWNS LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO. (And if you use Safari.. well shame on you....)  

Google has been doing their homework. They analyzed the weakness and strengths of IE and Firefox, then incorporated them into a browser either users can be satisfied with. Let me show you the strengths of the new browser Google Chrome  

1)Simple design, Simple to use yet aesthetically pleasing  

At first glance, you'd be like WTF NOOB BROWSER WHERE'S FILE BUTTON ZOMG, but hold on to your pants, let me elaborate on this over-simplicity. First of all, how often do you use that stupid menu bar? I mean 95% of the time, all you really need is a place to put URL, Back and Front Button, Refresh and Bookmark button, right? Well this all has it readily for you to access easily! (In this screenshot, you cannot see any bookmarks since he does not have any added). If you still need to access the menubar for preferences, it's also available by small icons to the right of the menu. Very simple yet elegant. This is what a lot of users will seek.  


Probably the #1 Reason why I decided to use Google Chrome. IE8 and Firefox 3.1 just uses way too much memory for no apparent reason. Google Chrome uses less memory, it is FAST and it NEVER crashes. It loads multiple applets much faster than either browsers. I mean yes, the excessive amount of memory usually comes from the bad design of the site, but by utilizing a multi-process design for the web browser, it uses a bit more memory in advance to prevent the overflow of memory at end if you are making multiple tabs. 

3)Applets & Compatibility 

Before Google Chrome was introduced, I used Internet Explorer even though I agreed that Firefox is a better internet browser than Internet Explorer. There was one and crucial reason which forced me to not use Firefox - It had a huge issue with applets. Not only are the applets extremely burdensome and annoying to install, sometimes, it doesn't even install it correctly and does not function properly. Furthermore, if you even manage to install them, it had a HUGE compatibility issue with websites (Typically the Korean ones) that it just drives you nuts when you browse on it. Google Chrome answered my woes regarding this problem - Their applets are easy to install, and most importantly it WORKS.  


Finally, Google Chrome's features is something to look out for. There are many, but I will list out some of the really awesome ones to look out for:  

>>Search Engine Box

? What's that? Remember that search box IE and Firefox had at top-right side of the corner? Yeah, they thought it was a cool and convenient addition. Google said lollolololololoo what a *** addition to that. You can now search keywords just by typing them on the URL at your favorite search engine (By default, it's set to Google. I wonder why? :D)  

>>Dynamic Tabs

Sometimes, if your tabs gets too clustered, you need a way to organize them. Fortunately, Google has answered our questions and added a function to move the tabs to the location you want (Simply drag and release). Also, if you want the particular tab in a separate window, just drag it outside of the browser then it automatically creates a new window for you  

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Not only that, if you want to MERGE the window to make it a tab, again click & drag and ur done!

>>Task Manager (Within Chrome) Ever been annoyed by a tab that suddenly stops working and screws up the whole browser? Google Chrome now added a task manager inside the browser to "close" down a tab individually if that ever happens. Also, from the task manager, you can see what tabs are opened and how much memory is being used.

5)Future Development

Google Chrome is an OPEN SOURCE Software. Well, not the whole thing but a significant portion of it under the project of Chromium. 

What's so important about this? Well what makes the operating system Linux superior compared to Windows in terms of reliability and its development? You can probably guess the answer already. Instead of having a single company analyze and develop a software, it's much more effective to have the global community to do the same to polish the software to make it fit everyone's needs.  

6)Problems & Downsides  

Sadly, even though I've talked about the amazing aspects of the Google Chrome, it still comes with few problems that Google still needs to work with One of it is that it's not Dual-Screen friendly. This probably don't apply to many of you but for those users who is using dual monitor desktop, you will have many problems with this browser as it hides some icons and messes up the screen proportion if you maximize your browser on the secondary screen. Another one, and I really don't understand why Google Chrome designers didn't implement this is it doesn't have print-preview. I mean, wtf? This might bother you or it might not, but it couldn't have hurt to put it. Finally, it has some issues with text overlapping. g. I've also noticed it on our forum. If you try to edit a post and add some words between a sentence, the font breaks and types along the line as if you've pressed the insert key.  

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